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Sep. 15th, 2008

Plum TV

Madaket Ducks

Ornithologist and bird enthusiast, Vern Laux, takes us to out to Madaket where one of the country's most extraordinary bird migration takes place.
Plum TV

Cigarette Racing Boats

Plum goes on a tour of the only place in the world to purchase the famous Cigarette Racing Boats made famous by the popular 1980's show Miami Vice.

Sep. 13th, 2008

Plum TV

Shake-a-Leg Sailing Program

Plum visits Shake-A-Leg in Miami and sees first hand how this wonderful organization teaches the handicapped to sail.
Plum TV

Out and About: Cattle Drive

Jeniece Pettitt takes us on an adventure as she goes out and about at 4 Eagle Ranch for a cattle drive.

Sep. 10th, 2008

Plum TV

Blind Boys of Alabama

The Blind Boys of Alabama came to Avon, CO to perform. We talked with them about thier music and lives.
Plum TV

45th Annual Democratic National Convention

Plum Telluride covers the 45th annual Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.

Aug. 31st, 2008

Plum TV

Cranberry Harvest

Every fall cranberry bogs are flooded for the annual harvest. Go behind-the-scenes with the harvesters to learn all about the process.
Plum TV

Moab Arches

Observe the beautiful and natural habitat throughout Arches National Park in Utah and discover how we can help preserve it.

Aug. 30th, 2008

Plum TV

Macallan Scotch Tasting

At the 24th Annual Aspen Food & Wine Festival, Macallan unveils its extraordinary 50 year-old scotch with a special tasting.
Plum TV

Social Magazine Memorial Day Party

This segment brings us into the rich, the famous, and the social. When the rich, the famous, and the social are mixed into one event you might as well make a party dedicated to it!

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